Just wanted to add a post script to “For your consideration…”

I sincerely appreciate the comments and feedback I’ve received, but I’m afraid I may have come across as though I feel sorry for myself, or perhaps it seemed as if I was trying to make you feel bad for my situation. That was never my intention. Never.

Any time my health restricts my ability to get out of the house or socialize, obviously some may question my whereabouts (not too crazy about that word whereabouts, but moving on…). I simply wanted to let people know that those of us with Lupus are not home eating chocolate and taking leisurely bubble baths. Or if we are, we’re not enjoying it, we’re self-medicating!

Sympathy is something we don’t want – nor are we looking for pity. We don’t want to be labeled with a big, flashing “LUPUS” sign around our necks. We don’t mind if you ask how we’re feeling, and we’ll be honest and tell you only if we are certain you REALLY want to know.

As for me, I would rather NOT spend any time talking about how I’m feeling, simply because I’d rather use the time to catch up on the latest gossip…er, uh, news. I want to talk about potty training, the tacky grill you got for Mother’s Day, your job, plastic surgery, hot celebrities…

Again, I apologize if any feelings of sympathy were evoked from my last posting. I’ll make sure that I make it up to you in my next posting as I’ve already been working on it. I don’t want to completely give it away, but let’s just say that I will be dealing with why I don’t like to have trash in my trash cans and other idiosyncrasies that I think are perfectly normal…

Don’t cry for me Argentina!

2 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. Nope, won't cry for you, or Argentina.. Alot of tears this morning here in my cutting up onions – wasted all of those silly wet tears just for the sake of making a large batch of chili and beans.. nope, not gonna cry or feel sorry for you my friend – I am doing it all for myself at the moment in cutting the onions by hand instead of using my processor! what was I thinking!!


  2. I didn't hear any self-pity in your previous column. None, zero. If we were to share any tears I bet it would be for our daughters. And that is completely understandable. Take care. Susan B


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