Breaking news…

This just in:

“Dumb blonde proven to have a screw loose.  Actual photos to follow. Now back to you, Bob.”


Don’t I wish it was THAT spectacular.  Today when I was getting my hair cut, my stylist/therapist didn’t seem at all surprised to learn I had a couple of loose screws.  Instead she nodded and appeared less than alarmed.  I think I may have even seen that little bubble hovering over her head that read, “oh my,  that explains soooo much!”

Anywho, I didn’t want to lose EITHER of my subscribers while I”m going through this small adjustment, so I thought I would give you a few teasers as to what fascinating musings I’ve been working on.

  1. Apple of my eye – a humorous but sweet blog about the first man in my life, my Daddy
  2. An update on my boycott of high fructose corn syrup – information as to how my abstaining from the consumption of HFCS was sabotaged by some sweet, lovely church ladies – falling off the wagon only to rise again
  3. 7 year itch – a look back at how the past 7 years changed me forever

I’m also working on a mother’s day video confessional that I’m really excited about.  A list of questions will be posted and I’m looking for some brave women with web cameras or flip video cameras who are willing to be transparent.

And, although it pains me to have to limit my time spent pecking away on this keyboard (truly, it physically pains me and sometimes makes my elbow bleed) I will not be doing much writing for a week or two following my screw removal.  Not just because I have a low threshold of pain tolerance, but also because I intend to be in a heavily medicated state of existence.

So, to retain the few secrets I still have, and to make sure I don’t spill any of your beans, I have instructed Mr. Fit Forever to keep all wireless devices out of sight following my unfortunate procedure. Except for my web cam, which I intend to use to visually show off my new stitches.

Stayed tuned.  I have a feeling these next few weeks may prove to be quite invigorating.

6 thoughts on “Breaking news…

  1. For the record #2 was NOT my fault. Also if you want me to come over, I WOULD love to “help” you write during your “medicated state”! 🙂 Seriously our prayers are with you and we would LOVE to help in any way(I will get you lunch and a COKE if you need it.)


    1. I may take you up on that offer Charla, we’re just going to have to set some rules! No HFCS “slipped” into my mouth via a bushel of m&m’s, and anything I say or do while under the influence of pain meds can be used against me in a court of law…love ya, you make me smile in spite of the pain!


  2. I will be praying for you, friend… I do know this one thing… when a screw comes loose, and its been removed , don’t let that same surgeon near you, lest he be the recipient of bad karma… not that I believe in what goes around comes around ( thats God’s business! ) , but I can seriously wield a huge screwdriver if need be, and not just a pretty tool left in my girly girl , pink toolbelt!! Which I do have, so beware, doctor surgeon person!!


  3. Hey girl! I was thinking about you the other day. You may not remember me. We went to school together. My last name used to be Cheatwood. I didn’t graduate from Bristow but we went to junior high and high school together through the junior year. I am Marilyn Hight Fairchild’s niece. Anyway, sorry to hear about your mishap, but glad to know you are doing alright. My sister fell off a horse and had a similar looking elbow after surgery, she also is/was blonde with a screw loose. She is much better now. She has almost all of her ROM back, better than was expected for injury. So I pray you have to same recovery.


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