I did it. I removed the Ace bandage and unwrapped the cotton holding the cast in place. I had to. The itching was driving me up a wall! Besides, I had to see what it looked like…

It’s just the way I am.

When I was a kid, my family had a tradition at Christmas. Instead of everyone opening their presents at the same time, we took turns. Beginning with the youngest child up to the oldest adult, we went around in a circle until all the gifts had been opened. It was a 3-4 hour process, but a great way to get an honest reaction.

“Chia pet? Wow, you shouldn’t have!” or “Motion activated singing fish! I’ve got a perfect place to hang it (in the garage).”

That tradition is still in place, but with the addition of 4 grandkids, the process can take so long that we have to break for intermission and visit the snackbar!

This past Christmas, 2009, required even more patience because it snowed – a lot – and we had already waited 8-10 hours to open gifts because my daughter’s flight had been delayed.

But we made it. We had made the rounds several times when my husband nudged me and motioned me to look at my dad. I couldn’t believe it! While the grandkids were tearing the wrapping paper off their gifts, eager to see what was inside, my dad was very nonchalantly removing the tape from the ends of each of his presents, PEEKING to see what he got! And he was being SO careful so that we wouldn’t realize what he had done. It was so cute…my dad, the epitome of good manners, the teacher of patience, couldn’t wait!

I’m not saying I didn’t peek at my presents – WHEN I WAS A KID. And I was good at it too. Even if the presents had already been wrapped, I knew how to slide a warm knife between the tape and the paper without tearing anything. I was really, really good at it…

Because of my experience, unwrapping this cast was easy. My doctor will never know and I won’t have to spend another night scratching…

It’s a wrap…

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