Winner winner chicken dinner

We have a winner in the first subscription sign-up – drumroll please…CONGRATULATIONS TO CS1988!  You should have received a $10 gift certificate from Barnes & Noble in your email inbox by now.  I was going to give away a chicken dinner, but I when I tried to send it, it got stuck in my disc drive.  The chicken wasn’t the problem, but the mashed potatoes are making my Engelbert Humperdinck CD stick.  Now who’s going to sing me to sleep after the lovin’?

2 thoughts on “Winner winner chicken dinner

    1. Cindy! It’s YOU! All I can see on my site are email addresses, so I have NO idea who anyone is – hope you like to read! I used a very scientific method for selecting the winner – I put all the email addresses into a huge bowl and then I let Lola, my grandcat, choose. How, you ask? I put a piece of double stick tape on her paw, and, after doing a little happy dance, she eventually ended up in the bowl and your name STUCK! Congrats!


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