Contact Me

Please send email to dene at denehopkins dot com.

I would give you my phone number, but I’ve never been very good at returning calls. I get a lot of email so if I don’t respond to yours please don’t take it personally. I am just a bad person. I do read every email I receive, however, and your email can make or break my day.

If you would like to send me mail the old-fashioned way, you can contact me here:

Dene’ Hopkins
2503 S Boston Place
Tulsa, OK 74114

I’m going out on a limb here by posting my actual address. However, I’m assuming you won’t show up unannounced. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate a visit now and then, I just need a 24 hour notice so I’ll have time to change into something other than my pajamas and use my Pledge pet hair remover on the sofa.