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No Longer Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf is a short compilation of journal entries I wrote about my battle with Lupus.  Honestly, it was never intended to be viewed, let alone published.  Because it is said that a writer faces 100 rejections of his or her manuscript before they get a “yes,” I decided to start getting the rejections out of the way.  Never in a million years did I think that it would be accepted on the first submission!

So it’s out there.  It’s not my best work and it’s full of imperfections, just like me.  But it’s honest.  It includes the heartfelt words of my husband as well as my kids.   This isn’t a book written from the medical side of Lupus, but from the side of the one who lives with this disease.  When I was diagnosed, there wasn’t anything out there that was told from the perspective of the patient; nothing that let me know I wasn’t alone in this battle.

If you’ve got Lupus or if you know someone who has Lupus, I hope this book gives you a little insight and brings you a bit of hope.

Book is $15 which does include shipping.

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